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Find your voice to create an impact in politics!

Be a catalyst of conscious politics!

Are you a change - maker in the society?

Are you future leader in politics?

Are you interested in societal change?

Global Academy of Conscious Politics is right place for you!

What is Global Academy of Conscious Politics?

Global Academy is 3 months programme that gives you an authentic voice to be an influencer in politics, that will boost your career opportunities in politics and public administration further!

The pillars of Global Academy of Conscious Politics

Leadership in politics

Explore what does it mean to be the leader who has integrity in everyday's actions.

Discover how the leaders work with their minds and why they are sucessful.

Personal brand in politics

Be the voice not an echo in politics!

Learn how to convey your message to your community, voters. 

Learn and develop an art of listenning.

Lobbying and fundraising

Deepen your professional knowledge of citizen lobbying!

Learn how to build the coalition of stakeholders in the reality.  

Learn and try different approaches in fundraising.


What will You get in Global Academy of Conscious Politics?

Community of global change - makers

New global connections with change makers over the world

The support and professional guidance from the mentors supporting your cause

New information and about latest trends in citizen lobbying


Join global community of change - makers in politics.

Meet the change - makers of politics!

Members Global of Academy of Conscious Politics, summer 2019

Alumnis Global of Academy of Conscious Politics, spring 2019

Meet The Faculty of Mentors of Global Academy

Faculty of Mentors shapes the content of Global Academy of Conscious Politics.

Wendy Schneider

Executive Director, Green Hectares
Wendy is an Initiator of GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Conscious Ecology. Northline Angus and Delivery Partner, the Leader of Unstoppable Conversations.

Andrea Boccuni

Good Lobby Europe
Andrea is International Partnership manager at The Good Lobby. Andrea is also Advisor European Affairs at Hague Corporate Affairs.

Nienke van Bezooijen

Founder and CEO, Presentation Masters
Nienke is a voice for authentic leadership on world stages. Mentor for thought-leaders and change-makers in politics and business.

Deborah Harris

Founder of the Grow CFO Co.
Deborah has a passion in purpose-driven businesses, and is The Founder of Grow Events, a firm that delivers education to business owners to enable their business to thrive and succeed.

Katherine Longhi

Global Institute of Evolving Women /GIFEW/
The Voice of Transformational Feminine Leadership GIFEW Communication Director Alumni of Global Academy 2018

Experts of Global Academy of Conscious Politics 

A Special expert on EU politics

Lucia Kleštincová

European Commission in Brussels, The Candidate to the European Parliament in 2019

... and other inspiring people from politics...

The sessions in Global Academy of Conscious Politics

Lobbying and fundraising in politics

How to understand citizens' lobbying?

How to understand the connections between business and politics?

How to create sucessful fundraising strategy for your project?

How to create the coalition map of stakeholders?

Leadership and your personal brand in politics

How to be an authentic leader in politics?

How to be a leader in integrity?

How to listen to the others?

How to bring societal impact to your business/ project? 

...and tailored mentoring sessions to support YOU in YOUR career.

What is available for You as the Member of Global Academy?

  • Monthly mentoring sessions with the Faculty of Mentors of Global Academy.
  • Personalised introduction and network of high - class mentors and experts in Global Academy.
  • Special Personalised Access to an online Educational Platform.
  • Personal 1-2-1 mentoring and individual approach on your journey.
  • Global International Community of passionate change - makers.


1.Tailored 4 hours of individual coaching calls for your growth.

2. Personal introductions to the Faculty of the Mentors.

Value of Global Academy of Conscious Politics?




The value includes whole 3 months of Global Academy.